Facilities Rental Information

Make your reservation today by contacting City Hall at 940-552-2581.  Rental application can be found here.

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Orbison Park Clubhouse
The Orbison Park Clubhouse is the perfect venue for your family or class reunion, senior party, sports team, youth group, birthday, organizational meeting, etc.  Reserve this venue with a $100 deposit.  Rates include $50 for up to 2 hours, $100 for 2-4 hours and $150 for over 4 hours.  This facility includes a small prep kitchen, bathrooms, tables, chairs and a patio overlooking the Orbison Aquatic Center.

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Flora Belle Gazebo
This is a wonderful location to hold a small party by the park or host a community concert.  The best part is this facility is FREE!
Wright Pavilion
Wright Pavilion
The City of Vernon added this venue in 2022 with the help of Wright Brand.  The venue makes the perfect location for various community events like concerts, small carnivals, cornhole tournaments, vendor fairs, outdoor movies, etc.  The possibilities are endless; however, the facility is not rented for personal gain.  This would include a business or individual renting the venue to hold an event that would personally make money for their private business or self.  We hope to see individuals renting the space for birthday parties, weddings and reunions.  Alcohol in cans is allowed at this location with an approved TABC license.  The deposit for a private event is $100 and the rental fee is $100.  In order to book an event that is open to the public, the deposit is $75 and rental fee is $75.  There is a $30 hook-up fee to utilize the electricity in the venue for a food truck or drink trailer at your event.  We would recommend renting a porta-potty that you can set-up behind the wooden fence inside the venue.