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Parks and Recreation

The Roy Orbison Clubhouse and Flora Belle Gazebo at Orbison Park are available for family reunions, banquets, and meetings.

For reservation scheduling information about any of the parks and recreation facilities, contact City Hall at (940) 552-2581.

Roy Orbison Park Pavilion at Orbison Park
Roy Orbison Clubhouse at Orbison Park


Tony Dehoyos

Parks Superintendent 

Mailing Address
2015 Oak St.
Vernon, TX 76384

Ph: (940) 552-9961 ext. 4

Fx: (940) 553-1622

Orbison Park
4400 Sand Rd.
Vernon, TX 76384

Allingham Park
Wichita and Nabers St.
Vernon, TX, 73684

Christine Lyday Park
Dawson and Houston St.
Vernon, TX 76384

D.L. Green Park
300 Wilbarger St.
Vernon, TX 76384

Sunshine Park
Indian St. and Eagle St.
Vernon, Tx. 76384

Orbison Park Christine Lyday Park D.L. Green Park Allingham Park

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