Tourism & Visitor Services

The mission of the Tourism and Visitor Services Division is to promote Vernon as an attractive place to visit for business meetings, conferences, reunions, sporting events and leisure, and to support organizations and events that attract visitors to Vernon, especially when such visitors stay overnight in local hotels and shop and dine in local stores and restaurants.

In order to accomplish this mission, the Tourism and Visitor Services Division advertises to promote Vernon in regional publications, on highway billboards, and through other methods. In addition, the Division allocates Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) revenue to many organizations that stage various types of activities, events, programs or projects that attract overnight visitors to Vernon, or that directly serve such visitors.

Tourism Advisory Board

The activities of the Tourism and Visitor Services Division are guided and advised by the Vernon Tourism Advisory Board. This Board meets regularly to oversee the Tourism related activities of the City of Vernon and to offer Tourism policy recommendations to both the Vernon city staff and the Vernon City Commission. All meetings of the Vernon Tourism Advisory Board are open to the public.