Itinerant Vendors / Solicitors

The City Commission finds that the reasonable regulation of itinerant vendors and solicitors operating within the City of Vernon is in the best interest of the public health, safety and welfare. New regulations became effective July 1, 2011. Please look over our Solicitation Guidelines for Citizen's and Applicants for more complete information.

An application form is available and should be completed and submitted to City Hall for approval before any business is conducted to avoid monetary fines. A $15.00 application fee must accompany each application. Please allow at least one working day to process all applications.

Itinerant Vendors

Any and all itinerant vendors or peddlers who desire to sell their goods, wares, merchandise or services, alongside or adjacent to the streets and alleyways in the City of Vernon, Texas shall register and obtain a permit from the City Secretary prior to any sale of such goods, wares, merchandise or services.

Permit registration fee is $100.00, and will not be allowed for more than three (3) consecutive days or more than four (4) times per calendar year.


Every solicitor must obtain a permit to do business within the city and shall display said permit on their person in a place easily visible. Said permit shall be subject to a registration fee of $50.00 per person. Permits are for a six-month period.

Registration shall be made on an application form prescribed by the City Secretary at City Hall.